We're pretty good on material donations for the moment.  The Hub will be shutting down as a physical location and we'll start reaching out to people personally for our next steps.

As there is still no place for everyone to store the things they need to eventually acquire, and people will need different things at different times, the form is proving the best way to offer assistance, and vice versa, a place for the Columbia St people to find what they need as they need it.

So, if you have something you'd like to give, fill out our form:  https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dDFYcmdFMGZDdnI0dzdKX1hkUUwwU1E6MQ#gid=0

And, of course, monetary donations are always extremely helpful: http://columbiahousefire.chipin.com/columbia-house-fire-recovery

Be well my friends,

Hello All!

It’s been a couple days since this has been updated; as we get further into the week we are returning to our jobs and remembering there are responsibilities outside this crazy happening.  There’s still a lot to do, but we’re starting to focus in new ways on the next steps.

First off, THANK YOU to everyone who donated bins recently.  On Monday we got to go into the house and salvaged what we could.  It was an incredible experience to be there and see the mark fire makes on a home…  There was a lot of fire damage and a lot of water damage.  Knowing more about what could be saved and accepting what can not is quite a process.  Our friend Laura brought an Ozone machine to the Hub, and we’re spending time getting the smoke smell out of things, killing mold and mildew, and seeing what can be cleaned up enough to hold onto.

Thank you to everyone who has donated everything!  From clothing and toiletries, to places to stay, to food (and actually feeding people who’ve been working though the weekend), to…  well, everything!, it has taken the care of so many people to get us this far in the process.  Thank you for filling out the form and helping us organize our thoughts as we move onto next steps.  The support has been overwhelming, and I feel incredible about the community we are so obviously blessed to be a part of.

The search for housing is in full swing; some people are looking for rooms as soon as the 1st (Saturday), and others are giving themselves a little time to figure that part of things out.  The general feeling is that most people would like to stay in the Central Sq area, but options from everywhere are being entertained.


~  There's been a request for anyone who has footage of the 3rd floor demolition to email John, one of the 3rd Floor residents: shuck.it@gmail.com

~  If you know of any long term housing opportunities, please fill out the form and post something on the FB page.

~  We are still collecting money, which is one of the easiest and clearest ways to help at this point, between 12 people funding can get stretched pretty thin: http://columbiahousefire.chipin.com/columbia-house-fire-recovery

Thank you, and Love!
If you can get to THE HUB for a drop off today before 3pm, please bring bins!  We are in need of Storage Bins, Laundry Baskets, anything that can withstand being really dirty and wet and help transport belongings.  Hopefully later today we'll have some salvaging going on!

Contact Molly Zenobia about drop-offs:


Be Well, and Thank you Community!
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Right now we've got these things in place:

  • And now this here website's up, and everyone is working to secure new homes... 

Be well,
Columbia House and Friends