Hello all,

Last weekend there was a 3-Venue-Extravaganza-Benefit-Festival for the house in Union Sq, Somerville including performances all night at Precinct, Sally O'Briens, and PA's Lounge!  It went off with smashing success and helped a lot!  There was also a benefit at the Brookline Music School (where one of the housemates at Columbia House works), and "The Gibson/Antonellis Comedy Hour" passed around a hat.  This week we have another couple events going on to help raise funds for the 12 people displaced from this crazy situation, check out the Calendar for more information on each event:

HELP! Our bands are on Fire - Part II, is happening this Thursday 9/13 at the Middle East Downstairs
Dark Angels: Cambridge Fire Fundraiser Event, is happening on Friday 9/14 at Flattop Johnny's

In other recent news, everyone is still hunting for housing and making their temporary residences work for the interim...  not easy.  Heather Hughes, a former resident of Columbia House, has written a blog about her reaction to the event, check it out here: http://nvnehi.wordpress.com/2012/09/05/diaspora/

Be well, love to all, and Vive la Liberté dans l'Art,


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