Here's what's useful to know if you'd like to help:

This form lets us know what you have to offer (materials and services).  We will need different types of items over a longer period of time, and the best way to donate is to let us know what you have and how to contact you when the time is right.  This form will also put you on a mailing list which will ask for specific items or services as we need them, and allow the Columbia House residents to contact you directly.  Thank you.

Right now we are pretty good on material donations.  Funding is becoming more of an important factor as  expenses for rebuilding these 12 homes will take time, money, and effort over the coming months.  This is just the beginning.

  • IMMEDIATE ASSISTANCE: If you have a donation that will help in the immediate please contact Molly Zenobia to coordinate a drop-off: http://www.facebook.com/mollyzen ~ mollyzen@mollyzenobia.com ~ 818-606-2619
Right now we are taking: gift-cards (for groceries, clothes, supplies, restaurants, coffee, guitar center, apple, dry-cleaners, electronics, hardware), cash, belts, sunglasses, towels, laptops, instrument cases/strings/reeds, tupperware for food (and food)...

Please go through Brendan for all of these efforts.  The people who lived at 95 Columbia St wish to be asked permission about using their cause's name publically, and as this is a highly personal and emotional situation, we ask that all producers and artists wishing to raise money for the cause respect their process.

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